When I tried beta 15 for the first time, it said it wanted to change my pattern file.

Since I plan to use 0.8.0 99% of the time until the beta proves itself, I chose to simply not investigate the beta.  I take this to mean since they use the same files, that I should be testing 0.9.0 beta 15 'on another machine' for example.

So I hit alt-F4 to close the map to a blank screen.  Nothing happened. 

So I hit the [x] in the top right corner.  Nothing happened.

So I went to the task bar, right click, close  Nothing happened. 

I am now going into task manager to "kill" the program, and, if I do any further testing, it will be in an XP VM so as to not hurt my existing installation.

OK, task manager, end task, said "this program is not responding", so something is not looking at the "close" interrupt.

But it did close...and... ... 0.8.0 came up fine