Can move nodes on their own

  • Chris Rowan

    Chris Rowan - 2010-07-01

    Help in the latest release I cannot move a node on its own when I try to drag a node to a different place on the map 2 or 3 other nodes move with it, result is I cannot get the node close together witha resulting map larger than it needs to be. Its like an invisible forcefield round some nodes help its making the program useless for viewing or printing maps.

  • exline

    exline - 2011-02-09

    I have the same!!!!!!!
    Makes the program pretty useless…..
    How to make the program "compact all nodes together" ??

  • George Leonard

    George Leonard - 2011-08-25

    Same Issue.  What's the answer? If you look at the screen shots on the web page it appears that what we want to do can be done.

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2011-08-26

    Re: " I cannot get the nodes close together,  resulting map  larger than it needs to be.": It seems that you are looking for a way to reset the offsets of a node. I have written a new section of the following wiki-page to explain how to do it:

    "To reset the offset to zero and thus return to a fully automatic layout, double-click the offsetting ellipse of each node that has a non-zero offset. "


  • Neville

    Neville - 2011-11-01

    It seems strange that there are so few relevant answers to this obvious problem.
    By trying to move nodes into sensible positions, other nodes automatically are displaced and eventually the mindmap becomes an irretrievable mess. How can I re-position one node without ANY of the other nodes moving AT ALL?
    The advice to hover over the side of a node until an ellipse appears is repeated so often, but of course we have all found that ellipse a long time ago. It is precisely when grabbing an ellipse to reposition a node that that so many of the other nodes also move. Does anyone have the effective answer? What is the principle behind postioning nodes?

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2011-11-02

    nevyoung, you simply can't.

    FreeMind is designed so you don't have to move nodes freely around. At all.
    You should reposition them as you like, I mean moving sub-trees to different parents. All lay-outing will be done automatically. A rare cases you may want bigger offset or distance, this is what ellipse for. But you should not try to draw anything.

    If you want freehand-diagramming software, try something else, like yWorks yEd, which is awful and free, too. But FreeMind and yEd aren't even nearly competitors. They are for different purposes: one for diagramming, other for knowledge factoring, making decisions, etc.

    • note that I am just another user, not an author!
  • Neville

    Neville - 2011-11-02

    Thank you logicdaemon
    My point is that it makes more sense to arrange the nodes in some sort of logical order which helps the mindmap make even better sense and easier to comprehend. Diagramming is not the aim. In trying unsuccessfully to do arrange the nodes, the map only became more unwieldy.
    I have now started to use XMind which allows to me to place the nodes in a logical order.
    Thanks anyway

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2011-11-04

    nevyoung, what do you thank me for? :)

    Anyway, XMind is IMO really much more… bloated than FreeMind. I've tried it, and drew back to FreeMind shortly after. It's subjective of course.

    Will you return sometime, give me example, and I will figure out how to arrange your map without need of free positioning of nodes.

  • Neville

    Neville - 2011-11-04

    logicdaemon - My thank you is courtesy for your effort to answer my question. A little bit of courtesy helps smooth the gears of society - well that's what I think. ;-)

  • Patrick Wallace

    Patrick Wallace - 2011-12-03

    I tried to move several nodes from their attachment to the central node to attach as subsidiaries to another node. I ended up with the newly attached nodes screaming off into nothingness 1,000 miles above the central node. This is, shall we say, a non-started. Sorry, but Freemind seems to have very serious display bugs. Telling us that we "aren't supposed to move nodes" is like saying "the car is not meant to be driven." Ok, nice sculpture, but useless for transportation. I'm moving to Vym. It ain't as pretty, but at least it works and I can move nodes anywhere I want.

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2011-12-03

    fourbrane, yup, FreeMind has got bugs, and some of them are far more serious than jumping nodes.
    I'm not a developer, but I suggest it's not the first priority to fix, particularly because moving nodes isn't primary use case.

    vym seems quite good looking at webpage and description, whilst it seems it has drawbacks Didn't find any specific complains though. Didn't try it either, and it has no official version for Windows, so I can't try it immediately.

    if you'll have some spare time and make a short review, it can help many (including me)!

  • Dominick

    Dominick - 2012-09-13

    Just downloaded Freeplane. It works with .mm files and you can right-click nodes and select 'free position' and then move things around to your heart's content.

  • Christian Foltin


    in the latest 1.0.0 Beta7, if disabled the movement by default. It can be re-enabled in the preferences.

    HTH, Chris

  • Carolus

    Carolus - 2012-10-20

    Hi Chris, That's true, but when I enable the movement in preferences, it works only 1 (one) time. After that click and hold a node only opens it after leaving the mouse button. Dragging does not occur. In the preferences the check box is still checked. Using the arrow keys with control works well.
    When I uncheck the check box, save it, check it again save it and restart freemind it works again for 1 time. So it seems to me there is a real problem. I use beta 8 now.

    Thanks for your appreciated work!


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