Unseen proceeses after upgrade to latest version

  • Paul Christ

    Paul Christ - 2013-08-16
    1. After upgrade to the latest version of freemind (under Windows XP) my security software got new or strange processes requesting Internet access (BackgroundHost.exe and 50d1d9d5-.... exe); it also reported "19 unknown and 8 modified references" to system components; if this is o.k. - although non of these mods were claimed to be viruses - it would be helpful to see a related hint in your documentation.
    2. Is Freemind91Beta7_SoftangoDownloder[1].exe a necessary companion of freemind at runtime?

    Thanks in advance
    Paul Christ

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2013-08-16

    This is weird and non-related to freemind. There is nothing such in last update for me.

    My bet your host system is trojaned, and/or you've download redirected/repacked download.

    Btw, freemind is running in Java, so there's no exe files except small starter app (and uninstaller). But even that exes are not required, so you can safely remove them (you'll have to start FreeMind by other means, for example, batch file).

    You can download Java from official Oracle repository, and then use FreeMind from zip, w/o starter and installer/uninstaller executables.

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