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  • Thierry

    Thierry - 2009-02-17

    Hi, I would like to use links with Lotus Notes documents
    When adding this in the hyperlink field (Ctrl-K), and click on the red arrow afterward, I get this error message :
    java.net.MalformedURLException:unknown protocol: notes
    But it works with other applications.

    • tim

      tim - 2009-04-26

      I have the same problem.
      I try also by typing html directly, but no improvement

      • Pierrik Vuilleumier

        Hi all,
        I have the same wish and tried to progress
        The MalformedURL exception is raised by Java because notes:// is not a standard protocol.
        However, Java does allow defining handlers for others. (see http://javaboutique.internet.com/tutorials/handlers2/\).
        So I tried to create a dummy Handler which would prevent Freemind raising the exception when facing a URL starting with notes://.
        There is no need to re-compile freemind as long as the Handler is to be found in the class path. I can provide the files if someone is interested.
        It "almost" works !...  well Freemind doesn't raise the exception with a "notes://..." URL and Lotus notes gets it.
        However, the Notes document (e.g. a mail) pointed by the URL is not displayed but only the inbox view.  Pasting the URL into firefox directly works fine though (i.e. the URL is valid) and I get the same non display symptom if the URL is truncated arbitrarily in Firefox.
        I then suspect Freemind is cutting the original URL somewhere in the chain before it gets to Notes.
        Someone with compiling/debugging capability within Freemind could maybe find out.
        The solution seems nearby !


        PS: This is not really a complaint , I justed posted here because it is in context.
        PS2 : Freemind is hell of a useful piece of software.

    • Pierrik Vuilleumier

      Hi all,
      Just to say the notes:// links are working with freemind when using the dummy handler I patched.
      The problem reported above is still there but there is a workaround.
      Because of a bug (it seems) of freemind, all URL's are treated as local files. If the URL provided in the freemind nodes doesn't have any authority field (e.g. notes:///....), it comes out as a local files URL  (e.g. notes:/...) which Lotus doesn't understand.
      The workaround consists in having a server name or any other string between the second and third /  in the notes:// URL.  This is handled properly by freemind despite the bug because of the default behavior of the URL(ref,spec) Java class creator.
      If the name of the server is dummy, Lotus doesn't care as it looks for any accessible replicate of the database when the server is not found.
      If anyone is interested, I can provide the ~40 lines of Java which seem to do the trick.


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