Look and Feel issues

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I like the software, and would love to switch from Mindmanager, but there are a few points I really dislike:

    - look and feel of the lines.  Look at the screeenshots you post, the lines there overlap and are a mess.  Why not just use horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree lines?  It would make the presentation look MUCH cleaner, and enhance the LAF quite a bit.

    - moving items around.  Drag and drop of items in the map is too difficult.  Cut and paste works, but I want to be able to basically brainstorm and then group and make a tree.  This is difficult at present.  You have handles on each item, maybe with a key modifier (shift, control) you can allow detaching and moving?

    - the long text fields are tough to edit.. can't you just make one type of text field?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ...an addition: I don't mean like the bezier/linear selector either, what I mean is to branch out at 45 degrees and then go straight up or down, and then have little 45 degree angles to the individual nodes.  Have a look at a mindmanager screenshot.  I would suggest modifying the linear mode to work like this.

      The main problem is that the current results are tough to present in a meeting because they don't look professional enough.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ...more comments. drag and drop is simply inconsistent.  You have the anchor at each node to move(position) it, but you select the node itself to change its tree position. 

      Suggestion: make it more obvious by showing a shadow node in the position where the current node would appear if dropped.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The drag and drop only works above entries and to the right (child) of entries, why not below entries and to the left (as a parent) to the current node?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ...next: long nodes are unwieldy.  SPACE on them shoud collapse them to maybe the first 5 lines or so, else they take up the whole screen.  I use it for jobhunting, and pasting 5 jobdescription nodes at a page each under an employer makes the map unusable.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Workaround: "long edit" the first 5 lines in one node and add a child with either the full text or the rest ... ;-)

        -- Stefano

        • Peter Walker

          Peter Walker - 2007-10-04

          I am also a big aggravated by this.  Some collapsible nodes would be really awesome.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ...and another one: drag and drop of a node should scroll the screen.  This is a problem when trying to move large nodes around.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ...also: when opening/closing large nodes, the display stays put.  I.e., if I unfold a node with a few large subnodes at the top of the page, scroll to be able to read the top and then close the node again, I'm left with 70% of a blank page.  The display should scroll up so that the top node is at the top of the display (if there is more text offscteen at the bottom).  The same should happen for left/right and bottom.

    • Ray Benjamin

      Ray Benjamin - 2007-10-05

      It's always good to get more input on the user interface. Thank you for taking the time.

      You can change the format of the edges using the right-click menu, or the Format menu.

      There is a place on the Wiki for suggested enhancements, here: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Requests_for_enhancements

      As you can see, there is plenty of work to be done. If you wish to help, we need lots of help testing the application, so we can get version 0.9.0 out the door.



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