Autosave handling and recovery

  • dwiz

    My topmost Freemind problem is autosave handling and recovery.  I leave my computer ON all the time.  I leave Freemind open all the time so my frequent maps are easy to reach.  However, some mornings I come back to my computer and it has rebooted because of an automatic Windows Update.  Then I open Freemind back again, but I never know which version of my maps to re-open:  ManuallySaved (in my folder) or AutoSaved (in .freemind folder).

    Sometimes the AutoSaved is newer, but sometimes the ManuallySaved is newer.  So it is a pain to find which file to open everytime the computer restarts.

    - I would like an option like:  Autosave overwrites original file.  (so I could always open the maps in my folder)
    - And maybe automatically re-open all previously opened maps (restore previous state)

    I don't want to press Save, I want my maps always saved, up to date and ready to be used.

    It is maybe silly, but I use less FreeMind because of this issue.


  • You are requesting a true autosave feature, to complement or replace the current automatic backup feature as found in FreeMind 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 RC series. I sympathize with your request.

    You can support your feature request by posting "I want this feature too" into the already created feature request in the tracker:

    Having a true autosave, 2009-10-30

    There will be no automatic autosave in FreeMind 0.9.0, as it is in feature freeze. I know of no patch implementing the feature that would have been sent to FreeMind patch tracker.