tomt - 2014-07-28

Hi there,
I am a huge fan of mindmapping. Until now I haven't found a good
solution to view and edit my mindmaps on the smartphone - so I
programmed one by myself. Please have a look and let me know what you
think. But keep in mind it is still very beta.

MindBike Mindmapping

MindBike is a mindmap viewer and editor. It reads and displays mindmaps
in the Freemind/Freeplane Format (*.mm). Its possible to edit and save
the mindmaps in the same format, so they are still compatible with
Freemind or Freeplane.

  • Displaying and Editing of Mindmaps
  • Fully compatible with Freemind and Freeplane
    o Mindbike can't display or edit notes, icons, node-details and
    node-attributes. But it will preserve them, so they don't get lost by
    opening/saving *.mm-Files
  • Collaborative editing: Mindbike can merge two mindmaps easily. If
    you have two copies of the same map - one on your desktop and one on
    your smartphone - you can add nodes on both maps and merge them later.
    After merging you have all the new nodes of both maps in both maps! (No
    additional software (like Git) required)
  • Hashtags. Add #hashtags in your node-text to easily access nodes
    with similar content. Mindbike will generate a #Hashmap that bundles all
    the nodes with the same #hashtags. Use #hashtag:subtag to build
    subgroups. This enables an easy GTD (GettingThingsDone) workflow.