John Wells - 2009-06-12

Like the author of "moving node need IMPROVE", I think that FreeMind is an extremely useful tool, but has a number of limitations that make it less that ideal. I would use it MUCH more if it supported networks, rather than just trees. Key features would need to be:

1. allow one node, A, to directly link to any other node, B, in the map
2. support two way links as well as one way links (or allow A=>B and B=>A to coexist)
3. do away with the concept of a central 'root'. Let all nodes be considered equal, with only the current 'focus' being at the center of the map
4. support navigation, through the network, with the 'focus' being moved as you do do
5. modify folding to support the idea of levels - for both parents (nodes that point to the current one) and children (nodes that this one points to)
6. proper support for hyperlinks between nodes in different maps (without having to manually edit a link to the other map)