Rob - 2013-10-03

When you copy and paste formatted text like a bulleted or numbered list from a word document, when attempting to remove the formatting (numbered list) Freemind duplicates lines and just does not appear to function correctly. End result is you have to type the list in and cannot copy and paste from word. Appears to do the same thing from LibreOffice too although not as bad.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

Seems to be reproducable using libreoffice copy&paste to FreeMind new or existing long node that contains text. Wish I had MSWord at home (NOT REALLY) to copy&paste and produce the strange behavior.

Sample list below created in LibreOffice. Copy & Paste to sourceforge removed the indenting, sorry.

How in the world is Freddie Santiago.
This is the first bullet
This is the second bullet
This is the third bullet

  1. This is the first number in the list
  2. This is the second indented number in the list
  3. This is the third number in the first list
  4. This is the fourth number in the first list
  5. And so on an so forth
  6. This was done in LibreOffice.
  7. The End.