Image Paste?

  • Terry Doner

    Terry Doner - 2004-01-29

    This is likely tough to do, but it would be really slick to be able to paste in an image from the clipboard.

    Not a link to the image, bu the actual image. Would also be nice to be able to specify height and width for all images.

    • Christian Foltin


      please, refer to the FAQ at the freemind home page.


      • Terry Doner

        Terry Doner - 2004-01-30

        By 'paste' what I meant was embed, my aplogies for not being more clear.

        I presume you mean the FAQ question "How can I embed images into freemind?". I was aware of that process.

        To acheive close to what I described, with this process one would have to save the clipboard image to a file and then make the reference from the map to the image.

        If I send the map to somebody else I must also send them all the related files. An example of where this seems to be a problem is my installation of 0.7.1rc3 - when I look at the help "Examples of pictures..." none of the images are there - just the broken link image.

        Perhaps an easy way to accomplish would be to store the map in a 'mar' file - map archieve. When a image file is pasted into a map, it is added to the mar and a reference built at the node.

        Other types of media could be handled that way as well.

        One might also consider if file drag-n-drop might give the option of direct link, or copy to MAR.

        I find that the file references aren't quite what I would like. I have already mentioned the problem with sending the map to somebody else and missing referernced files. Also file references don't seem to behave the way I expect in the applet, and likewise , URL references don't behave in the applicaiton as I expect either.

        • fnark

          fnark - 2007-10-24

          me too, i'd like to 'paste' directly from clipboard an we can do for the text.

    • Terry Doner

      Terry Doner - 2004-01-30

      An example of a URL reference that doesn't work as expected.
      <html><img src="" ></html>


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