0.8.1rc irritating editing bug

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Running under Windows/XP and Sun Java 1.4.2_06. After using a hot key to change the style of a node (at least this seems to be the triggering event), when I then use Insert key to create a new node, the input field is distorted (v small grey box and thick blue-grey line above, instead of nice neat blue box), and I can't see what I am typing. When I press enter the typing appears, also if I click in the area I get the nice blue box to type, but it's annoying as I am just getting used to - much faster - key-stroke operation.
    Don't get me wrong though! this is a huge step forward and seriously cool software. Bravo!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, I've got the same "error", the trigger event seems to be a HotKey, at least it is repeatable with using the HotKey. Moving to the next open file either with the arrow keys from Menu top  left or the quick method using the right mouse key, all works fine again. Maybe this helps to find the source of the problem

      ... Rolf

    • david low

      david low - 2005-01-19

      Same here... Can't get it to consistently do it with the Hotkey, but it does seem to be the main reason for the bug.



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