Horizontal Scrolling

  • Ed Philpott

    Ed Philpott - 2007-01-24

    I am a new user of FreeMind and so far have found a few uses that I had not seen elsewhere. For example, I am using FreeMind to produce my Family Tree. As for my minor complaint, I have a mouse that permits horizontal scrolling by bending the mouse wheel left or right. This feature works fine in other applications such as browsers but it does not work in FreeMind. Your comments are appreciated.

    Thanks, Ed Philpott

    • private_lock

      private_lock - 2007-02-26

      So far all Java programs, that depend on Swing for displaying their windows cannot scroll horizontal. Others use SWT like Azureus or Eclipse which permits horizontal scrolling.

    • joiwind

      joiwind - 2007-04-01

      Windows xp
      0.9.0 Beta 9

      You CAN scroll horizontally : shift + mouse wheel.
      Try alt  + mouse wheel too - surprise !

  • lusitania

    lusitania - 2012-09-27


    How unfortunate that this feature is still not present. IMO any available notebook exposes this feature by now. In the not so far future a touch screen can be expected, too. Please do someting about this.


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