alex alex - 2009-09-03


In generall I'd say I like this cute tool, it does help people in thinking management. I still not used it very extensively, here are only some suggestion after initial experences. I'm using Windows 7, also I didn't change any default setup. :

1. Better not use menu selection for often used actions. Menu selection is not an efficient way in quick editing. If single click or doule click is ok, then right click and menu popup is not a good choice. I found there are three basic actions for each node: edit, select, fold/unfold. They are much often used by users. But now only fold/unfold can be done with single click, editing seems need to be enabled with menu selection (except leaf node)? Single click means fold/unfold, this is not always necessary. Double click seems even not be used, this is a big waste, three actions, but only single click is used, this is unreasonable.

2. Moving a node with mouse is a tricky thing. User needs to move mouse to particular location and select to move a node. This is not natural. User should simply click any place within boundary of a node and move it. This might require to rethink the meaning of single click. I think there are some choices: single click/double click/ and control+click, they might be good for basic actions.

I would try to provide futher feedbacks after more using.

Best regards,