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1.0.0 Final: No icon for .mm file association

  • McGerbick

    McGerbick - 2013-10-17


    First, thank you for the final 1.0.0 with a modified installer also detecting (and using) 64-bit Java.

    I've stumbled over a small installer bug: The icon definition for the .mm file association is pointing to a non existing icon (number 1, should be 0), thus FreeMind files are shown with a standard icon from Windows and not the FreeMind butterfly.

    The correct registry definition:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @="C:\Program Files\FreeMind\freemind.exe,0"


  • Christian Foltin

    Hi, thanks for the report, I've exchanged the installer with an appropriate one. Br, Chris

  • McGerbick

    McGerbick - 2014-04-14

    Hello Christian,

    In the 1.0.1 release there's a regression concerning the icon display for .mm files. The registry settings point to icon no. 1 in freemind.exe. However, there is no such icon in the exe file.

    Could it be that the icon set from the previously existing exe files FreeMind32.exe and FreeMind64.exe should have been included into freemind.exe?


  • Christopher Stone

    I have found a work around for this bug as I have had a similar issue whilst upgrading from version 1.0.0 to the recent 1.0.1 release on a netbook running Win7 x86...

    1/ I made a temporary copy of the whole "Program files\Freemind" subdirectory (of the, for me, correctly working v1.0.0 release). Just the files listed below (see step.3) are needed but I wasn't sure what else would be needed to make them work.

    2/ Uninstalled v1.0.0 and installed v1.0.1 as normal.

    3/ Copied both the Freemind32.exe and Freemind64.exe files into the newly created "Program Files\Freemind" subdirectory.

    4/ Tweaked the registry... Use REGEDIT.EXE, search through for any reference of to "freemind" (don't include the quotes) and when you find a sub-key called ...\Freemind\DefaultIcon change the value...
    FROM "C:\Program Files\FreeMind\freemind.exe,1" (again no quotes)
    TO "C:\Program Files\FreeMind\freemind32.exe,1" (again no quotes)
    please note for a Win7 x64 version you may have to use...
    TO "C:\Program Files\FreeMind\freemind64.exe,1" (again no quotes)
    (If in doubt check your functioning installation BEFORE you upgrade!)
    you may have to check several locations in the registry and update them if necessary but please DON'T UPDATE ANY OTHER references to freemind only the DefaultIcon sub-key/s and note some of the later references may have auto-updated themselves too.

    5/ Exit regedit and reboot (rebooting may not be necessary but won't hurt).

    6/ Finally right-click on an existing but now un-iconed ".mm" file and try to "open" it. If this fails, try right-clicking on it and "open-with" and select Freemind from the list of available programs. Hopefully voila the good old icon should now appear on the file you've been opening. I've had one or other of the 2 "right-clicks" work on the 2 Win7 x86 PCs I've tried it on.

    Please note as far as X64 tweaking goes its all untested. Just check what your currently working setup uses for the DefaultIcon sub-key BEFORE you do the upgrade.

    Off topic, I've had similar issues with version changes of FreeCAD too! and the program suddenly forgetting how to auto-open a file but that's for another forum.


    Chris S.

    Last edit: Christopher Stone 2014-07-14
  • Christian Foltin


    can anyone please test the freemind.exe attached?
    TIA, Chris

    • Pete

      Pete - 2014-12-14


      I'm testing your attached FreeMind.exe under Win7 SP1 64-bit. The .mm document icon:

      • displays on .mm files at "Extra large" down to "Medium" sizes, but
      • doesn't display on .mm files at "Small" size (e.g. Details view).
      • doesn't display at any size when tested with a shortcut.

      In contrast:

      • the ,0 icon is fully functional, which I tested by changing the ,1 to ,0 in the DefaultIcon registry entry, only in the one place mentioned in McGerbick's original post.
      • the ,0 icon is also functional as the icon for a shortcut.

      Finally, the ,1 icon in the v0.9 FreeMind.exe is functional with v1.0.1 installed, i.e.:

      1. install v0.9
      2. backup its FreeMind.exe
      3. uninstall v0.9
      4. install v1.0.1
      5. retarget only the DefaultIcon registry item to the backup copy of v0.9 FreeMind.exe

      Very strange, no? Did you do anything different with the .mm icon than the main icon in the test FreeMind.exe that you posted?

      P.S. – The trick in the following article was a help in testing this:

      Last edit: Pete 2014-12-14
  • McGerbick

    McGerbick - 2014-08-28

    Hi Chris,

    Concerning icons, there does not seem to be a difference between the exe files. The one you've provided above does also include only a single icon (Icon #0).

    What actually has changed in the exe file?


  • Christian Foltin


    the freemind.exe has doubled size and is therefore really different. Moreover, my total commander shows two icons: the normal and the doc icon.

    HTH, Chris

  • McGerbick

    McGerbick - 2014-08-29

    Ok, the provided FreeMind.exe works. The mm files show the document icon. Thanks for that one.

    About looking into the exe: I'm also user of Total Commander :) here with version 8.51a x64 and the ICLView plugin (23.9.2013). That constellation doesn't show the second icon. Hm, must be a bug or something. Which plugin do you use?

  • Christian Foltin


    in Total Commander, I add a new item to the button bar, and choosing the icon for the button bar, I point to the freemind.exe. Afterwards, the possible icons are shown.

    HTH, Chris


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