Clouds - Creating and Modifying

  • R G

    R G - 2009-03-15

    *Highlighting nodes and inserting a cloud; inserts a cloud around each node instead of once cloud around all the selected nodes.   For example, there may be a need to create one cloud around 3 of the 5 children of a parent node - for what ever reason

    *There is no functionality to add or remove nodes to a cloud

    *No functionality to add text or notes to a cloud.

    *No functionality to click on a cloud to easily change colors, or add/modify other information or attributes.  This becomes complicated when there are clouds inside of clouds inside of ...


    Check out "Inspiration" software for some interesting capabilities that could be incorporated into FreeMind.

  • Iggy OnEdge

    Iggy OnEdge - 2009-11-30

    Hear! Hear! I would like to be able to cloud a portion of a subtree, but it seem that I have to cloud the **whole** or find a work-around. From a node in a cloud, how do you create a child node that is external to the cloud?


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