Freemind Beta 9 Beta 10

  • Anonymous - 2007-07-11

    Hello Freemind Team,

    at first Freemind is a very nice Software and i like to use it. So i decide to test the Beta9.

    Thank you for adding the "place nodes where you want" but when i move the nodes from one to the other side or from top to the bottom freemind should draw the lines directly to the MainNode in the middle.

    I knwo it's only Beta but when this works freemind will be a very good alternative to Mindmanager.

    Are there interessts to change this?

    Thanks for it!

    Greets Michael

    • Stefano F. Rausch

      Nice GUI enhancements (i.e. tabs ;). What else has been added/fixed/...? TIA for any further information.

      Off-topic: Why did you re-use the OLD butterfly logo? The splash screen uses the nice new version ... What about the respective recent butterfly proposals, which are really very nice?! Please do use these instead of the original one!

      • Dimitry Polivaev

        1. As soon as we publish the beta 10, there should be a list of the most important improvements.
        2. We are not going to use the light bulb. I support the last butterfly proposals, but it is not the most important topic.


    • Stefano F. Rausch

      Thanks for the update Dimitry!



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