Mac OS X issues

  • Stewart Greenhill


    I'm just trying FreeMind, and I must say that it looks not only cool but useful, especially since I discovered that I can use HTML tags and "long" nodes.

    Lets call these "problems" rather than complaints.

    I am using Mac OS X, JVM 1.4.1_01-24. I downloaded the file "". In the unzipped directory, there is an application. Double-clicking this starts Freemind. So far, so good...

    - If I select "Documentation" from the Help menu, it fails to locate the documentation file which is under "<DistributionDirectory>/FreeMind". Instead, its looking in <DistributionDirectory>/doc/ In fact, since the documentation is under inside a ".app" directory, it is not even possible to open it explicitly using the browser. I had to copy it somewhere else before I could open it.

    - In the "long node" editor, I have seen a situation where it generated a wierd "null" symbol (&#xf8;) at the end of the text. The insertion point got out of sync with the cursor, which makes things confusing. This may be a Java bug. I have not since been able to reproduce it.

    - I can't add graphical links between nodes. The instructions say to press "shift" and "control" while left-button-dragging from source to target node. On the Mac, "control-left-button" is used by the OS to simulate "right-button" for one-button mice so in fact your application will never see control and left-button together. It would be useful if the modifier keys for this mouse gesture were configurable. I can't see any settings in for this, so I assume that its hard-wired.

    That's all for now, but I'll have another try with it later.


    • John Ralls

      John Ralls - 2004-12-03

      Just type the path ./FreeMind as the URL at the top of the window and it will open it.
      Note that while this path is in the user.preferences (and in freemind.preferences inside the jar) changing it doesn't do anything.  (Yes, I uncommented it.  Changing it in freemind.preferences and rebuilding the jar doesn't do anything either.)

    • John Ralls

      John Ralls - 2004-12-04

      I found the setting to fix the error when one goes to browse mode (which is all that Help | Documentation does).  It's browsemode_initial_map, and it's on line 243 of user.preferences.
      (I also changed the keymap for new child node to alt I from INSERT, since the mac keyboard doesn't have an INSERT key. )
      The mouse gestures seem to be hard-coded, so graphical links don't happen.

    • John Ralls

      John Ralls - 2004-12-05

      OK, I've fixed the linking problem and put a patch in the patches area.

      • Stewart Greenhill

        Thanks John!

        I installed your patch in the 0.7 CVS code, and the linking works well now.



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