Ralf Orlowski - 2009-02-05


I use freemind on several linux and also windows-machines.
Since several weeks I use freemind 0.9.0 Beta 20 and now shortly I upgraded to RC 1. I like the improvements a lot.

But with all these version I have a problem using links between mindmaps. The problems occurre, if there's a space within the link name.

On linux freemind exchanges the spaces within the link name with the html-code %20. And these links work then fine on linux-machines.
On windows machines the space is not exchanged but it stays just a space within the link name. This links then work fine on windows machines.
The links with %20 in the name do not work on windows machines and the links with just spaces within do not work on linux-machines.

Does anyone know, why freemind 0.9 has this problem with links, that was not there in 0.8?
Or does anyone know a hint, how I could create links with spaces within the name, that work on both system, windows and linux?

Bye Ralf