Vincent Boudry - 2008-01-14


First congratulation for this very nice and very useful piece of software.

I have tried version 9b15  on MacOSX (10.4.9) and I experience a few instabilities:
* First at launch using a double click on a .mm file, the CPU goes to 100% if that file is not the one used previously (ie with the option to re-open that one).  The CPU calms down when I click on the tab containing the last file.
* Second, I have some trouble printing or exporting as PDF (it's certainly related sine printing does a PDF on MacOSX):  While exporting, I get a message window stating: "null incompatible with Text-specific anti antialiasing enable key" (I guess it should make sense to someone...). 
* Last, the links to external files/URL other that freemind are not followed anymore (a problem with the "open"| command ?)

Best regards,