Love it...but i want

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    Can freemind export or save to PNG, GIF or JPG?

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      Get 8.0 RC1. The exporting is much improved.

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      I've been playing around with MindJet's product and find that the feature I miss the most within FreeMind is the ability to append notes to a node that open in a separate window/frame.  This is especially valuable when a map has been used for note taking and the thoughts that were captured need to be elaborated at a later date.

      Undo is more than a "nice to have" but you know that.

      Great stuff all around.  My nine year old son is fascinated with the tool and has been using it to brainstorm a comic book publishing venture with his classmates.  That FreeMind is so intuitive to use and fits so well with the way we all think (or should) strikes me as quite a compliment.


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      The competion, IMHO, is Axon 2005 - a commercial product and a pretty good one.
      Unfortunately, along with all its nice features, Axon suffers from a bit of feature glut and never seems to stabilize. That makes commitment hard (sigh).
      I like FreeMind and encourage your continuing work.
      Thank you.
         Mike McKenna (


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