Tero Pelander - 2009-03-10

FreeMind 0.9.0 RC3 (FreeMind-Windows-Installer-0.9.0_RC_3-min.exe)
Java: 6.0.2
OS: Windows Vista Enterprise 64 bit

--Problem 1--
FreeMind "Browse Mode" gives non-informative error when browsing for other then *.mm-files.

How to reproduce:
Maps - Browse mode
URL: http://www.google.com

Better error message would be for example:
"The URL read isn't a map (*.mm) file"

--Problem 2--
In "Browse Mode" URL-line you can't write "~"-character with Finnish keyboard.
Finnish keyboard layouyt: AltGR + ~, space => should produce "~"
In FreeMind the combination produces " "
Problem seems to be limited to combining characters that are produced with AltGr.

--Problem 3--
Export - As html
"New Mindmap.mm" => "New Mindmap.mm.html"
Expected to have name without ".mm"-part. Other exports strip that automatically.