Can FreeMind runs as only one instance?

  • inspirelife

    inspirelife - 2008-01-08

    Everytime I double click on a mm file, a new freemind window will open; this will cost more time and more memory.
    Of course I can open it in an existing freemind window by drag and drop, or by open file dialog, however it's more convenient to do it by a double-click.
    So, is there any way to run only one freemind instance, and open a mm file in a new tab of the freemind window by default (a double-click)?

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2008-01-10


      This might not be quite what you were looking for. But if you keep all of your mind maps in one folder you can go to File-->Import-->Folder structure. Then you can open all mind maps--in a single instance of FreeMind--with one click.


      • inspirelife

        inspirelife - 2008-01-16

        Thanks! Good idea!

    • inspirelife

      inspirelife - 2008-01-16

      But it would be more useful if I could import the structure of mm files only :)

    • Anonymous - 2008-01-23

      Ryan, would your suggestion be the solution to my frustration at not being able to have more than one FreeMind map open at a time? As a new user (on a Mac) I am astounded that FreeMind doesn't seem to be able to have several individual maps open that you can toggle back and forth. Your solution sounds like it would open ALL maps within a folder, but if I just wanted to work with, say a set of 3 out of 6 maps, is there a way to do that?

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2008-01-24

      Hi Tight/Jody,

      FreeMind does allow more than one map to be open at a time. File-->Open (Crtl+O) opens a new mind map. In 0.8 a right-click on the empty space in FreeMind displays all open maps, just click on the one you want to view. I think also there are some arrows in the FreeMind window you can use, or you can press Alt+shift+right or left arrows. In 0.9 beta 15 FreeMind has tabs (like Firefox). The only limitation is when you open maps via .mm files rather than from within FreeMind.

      >Your solution sounds like it would open ALL maps within a folder.

      I should have written: Then you can open *any* mind map--in a single instance of FreeMind--with one click.

      This feature simply creates a node with a link to each file in the folder. You can delete the nodes/files you are uninterested in. Also you can create links to any kind of file in FreeMind with Ctrl+Shift+K or Insert-->Hyperlink (you can select the file or type the path in, depending on which option you choose).

      Hope that helps,

    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2008-01-29

      I think the original point was lost.  Yes FreeMind 0.8.0 and 0.9.0b15 allow more than one map to be open at a time, however, I don't think that was the original issue.

      I'm running Windows XP and FreeMind behaves the same way "inspirelife" described.  Every time I double-click on a .mm file, a new sesion of FreeMind starts.  If you have a lot of other windows open (e.g e-mail, web browser, office software, etc.), the task bar gets very messy.  I am annoyed by this behavior like "inspirelife", however, I don't think this is technically a bug.

      It would be nice if the .mm file would open in a new window within the existing session of FreeMind rather than a completely new session (i.e. so there is only one FreeMind tab in the taskbar, regardless of how many .mm files have been double-clicked on).


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