My file crashed!!!

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  • Caken Zoo

    Caken Zoo - 2008-02-25

    I use Freemind in both PC and PocketPC (Windows mobile 5) smoothly for a half year. Until yesterday, after I transfered a .mm file from pocket PC to backup in PC. I opened to recheck this file on pocket PC, it showed Error :

    An unexpected error has occured in PocketFreemind.exe.
    Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.

    >> when I select  "Details"


    (etc. very long error log, I can not copy from pocketPC screen)

    And I can not open file, I lost all of my notes (6 months notes) in this file (other files are still work properly).

    Eventhough its file size is seams to be normal (~64 kb)  but can not open (if open in PC - just a new root node appears).

    Please help me, suggest me how to recover this's very important for me.

    • Christian Foltin

      it seems corrupt. Try to ask somebody, who knows a little bit XML to repair it or send it to me, and I repair it for you.

      HTH, Chris


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