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    Anonymous - 2012-03-24

    Rewritten slogan: "So you want to write a completely new metaphysics? Why don't you use FreeMind? You have a tool at hand that can't do images well or quoting by footnote. Do you want to refactor your essays in a similar way you would solve a paradoxon? Or do you want to keep personal knowledge base, which is weired to manage? Why don't you try FreeMind? Do you want to prioritize, loose where you are, where you've been and where you are heading? Have you tried FreeMind to keep lack of all the things that are needed for that?"

    Guys, thanks for that free mind mapping tool, but don't ad with such things like writing a document. You can't place images in the SimplyHTML-Editors and a tabular can't even be exported to ooo or latex. Ok, the headings can be exportes as you hack in the XSL, but is that realy what you want the end-user to do since several releases?

    I initialy wanted to write an issue about how to use freemind as such a tool, but as I saw that it was mentioned as this I hardly can't believe it. Thats a great aim but damn far away related to the current version 0.9.0. I realy would love to help you, as far as someone would've answered my mails, because sometimes it's just updating the XSL.

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