100% CPU at startup

  • Vincent Boudry

    Vincent Boudry - 2008-08-08


    More a bug report than a complain:
    On my machine (A powerbook G4 running MaCOSX 10.4.11), any of the recent Freemind version (all 0.9b as far as I can recall), takes all the available CPU at startup when opening a document from the finder if it is the not the most recenetly used document.  It lasts until I click on the tab containing the latter.

    o Open a map in Freemind;
    o Close Freemind without closing all the tabs;
    o in the finder open a map which is not the last used one (double-click or open with...)
    o there should 2 tabs open (last used doc & newly opened one);
    o check that the CPU stays at 100%;
    o click on the left tab and see how the CPU goes down to a reasonable value.


    PS:Otherwise a great piece of software!

    • Markus00000

      Markus00000 - 2009-04-08


      I have exactly the same issue on an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5.6.


    • Sander Devrieze

      Sander Devrieze - 2009-04-10

      I can confirm this issue.


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