Could the user-prefs folder be renamed?

  • ebridg

    ebridg - 2004-11-18

    Hello - more of a feature request than a complaint.
    Having the user-preferences folder hard-coded to '$HOME/freemind' is a real pain! It may not matter in Windows since folks don't probably spend alot of time in their home folder. On UNIX it sticks out and is terribly annoying. Perhaps the app could sense when it's on UNIX and make it ".freemind" instead.

    Most programs do this (prefixing period) for prefs folder so they are hidden. I just scanned my box and I have exactly 115 program config folders in there.... you get he idea.

    Apart from that Freemind is great! (And I actually paid money for MindMapper years ago!)
    Good Work!

    • Christian Foltin

      Hi Eric,

      renaming is only the half of the game. If you could provide a migration from the old to the new in Java and integrated into FreeMind I will accept that directly.


      • Forseti

        Forseti - 2004-11-19

        Well, I think that using Preferences from J2SE 1.4 would be better choice as it is transparent (neither /freemind nor /.freemind) and gives more possibilities.
        As for migration, I came with code to be found at

        Please integrate it with FreeMind yourself if you like it. I really have too little time to get accustomed with FreeMind's internals :(

        Please, reply how you like it.

    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2004-11-19


      actually it's already like this in the packaged version of FreeMind (DEB & RPM). (out of the top of my head) just change the default preferences, there is a value for it, recompile, and voila!
      For my packages, I've made it a bit more fancy so that you can choose at compile time (command line paramater of ant), but I don't know if the proposed patch has been integrated. Christian?

      Cheers, Eric

      • Christian Foltin

        Hi Eric,

        gimmi a hint. Where was the patch. I will integrate it.


        • Eric L.

          Eric L. - 2004-11-20


          patch number 962619, it does mainly the following:

          - split the "doc" target into "userdoc" and "javadoc"
          - the target "post" now creates a new source tar file named freemind-X.Y.Z.tar.gz with freemind-X.Y.Z as base directory.
          - the files and are generated by the  target "prepare" from the corresponding and attached .tmpl files.
          This allows for compilation options like:
          ant -Ddocdir=file:/usr/share/doc/packages/freemind \ -Dpropfolder=.freemind
          (without patching the files)

          Cheers, Eric

      • ivo alxneit

        ivo alxneit - 2005-03-05

        tried 0.8.0-rc2 (the binaries) on linux. again uses $HOME/freemind. uses .freemind. even if it exists (with inside) $HOME/freemind get created and is used.

        could this pleeeaaase solved once and forever. maybe (in the java code) check for $HOME/freemind first and then fallback to $HOME/.freemind if it does not exist. this would keep both worlds (linux and windows, dont know about macs) happy.

        otherwise - great stuff and i am really happy with it

        • Eric L.

          Eric L. - 2005-03-06


          good point: the script has been taken from the packaged Linux freemind  (RPM or DEB, using ~/.freemind) and is not completely consistent if used as part of the standard distribution (using ~/freemind).

          The fix is to change the ligne:

          if [ ! -f ~/.freemind/patterns.xml ] && [ -f /etc/freemind/patterns.xml ]


          if [ ! -f ~/.freemind/patterns.xml ] && [ -f /etc/freemind/patterns.xml ] && [ ! -d ~/freemind ]

          Then the behavior is consistent, though "wrong" (i.e. using ~/freemind) in the standard distribution.
          To have a complete fix, use the packaged version of FreeMind (DEB is there, I wait for the final release to package the RPMs).



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