pheadjack - 2009-05-25

The Relative Links selection in the Preferences does not seem to make any difference.  First off, changing this setting does not fix the file and remove both '#' for that setting; it only removes one '#' which does not activate the setting for relative paths.
Even after hand editing the file; this setting does not have an effect; unless I don't understand what it is for.

What I am looking at is using FreeMind to map presentation material and use it as the central structure for the presentation.  I work both at home and at the office building this material and so I have it all on a jumpdrive to port it back and forth.  The only way for all of the branches to work properly is to make sure that the drive letter and folder structure is read the exact same way between my two desk top machines.  If this relative path settings is supposed to work the way I think it does; I should not have to worry about this because the pathing store with the branches would not include a drive letter that would restrict the portable nature of the setup.

The help documents I have read through so far do not address this issue.  Please let me know where I can find additional support for this problem.  I have been able to open the mm file directly in Notepad++ and perform a find/replace on the folder structure saved on the branches.  This allows some adjustment of the folders, but since the help is not deep enough, there is no reference to how a relative path should be structured. (I assume something like <I>./folder/filename</I> or <I>../folder/filename</I> or <I>./filename</I> or even just <I>filename</I> in front of the <B>file:</B> prompt)

The product is overall really great; I love how easy it is to import and build a structure as a core framework of an outline.  The main features of this program are outstanding.  I will be interested to see it develop.

Please send me any answers to my questions that you can.


Joe A Perkins