Keyboard stops working

  • tvw

    tvw - 2009-05-13

    Under linux the keyboard stops working with freemind 0.9 RC 3 when I edit a long node and the Simple-HTML editor gets started.

    To reproduce:
    1. Create a node with lots of text in it so that it will get opened in HTML mode next time you edit it
    2. Edit this node -- HTML editor comes up.
    3. Close the Simple-HTML editor.
    4. Keyboard stops working in freemind and only works in SimpleHTML long node editor from now on.

    Only restarting FreeMind fixes the problem.

    • Bogdan

      Bogdan - 2009-06-11

      I have the same problem with all candidates from RC5 to RC1. Quite serious, because it occurs every 10 minutes or so, yet in my case the steps to reproduce are not always those indicated by @whyking.
      Sometimes, keyboard focus can be regained by adding a child node using the mouse, from the context menu. In other cases, restarting freemind is the only way round.

      I'm using Ubuntu/Xfce, with java 1.6.0_14, but I've encountered this odd behaviour on a Windows XP machine as well (also with java 1.6).

      I've been trying to consistenly narrow the problem by playing with maps, editing nodes, etc, to no avail. Only pattern that seems to emerge is that the keybord focus more often tends to be lost definitively if either a second instance of freemind is running in the system, or if another Java app (namely, the Rachota timetracker, which I also use regularly) is running. But this really makes little sense...

      I managed however to reproduce a scenario somewhat close to that of @whyking:
      1. Create a single-line node and type in about 40 characters, all on the same line (e.g. paste the sequence 0123456789 four times).
      2. Hit Alt-Enter. The editing window opens, and the cursor is positioned at the end of the text line.
      3. Press and hold the left arrow key. If it moves the cursor one or two positions to the left then freezes, that's the bug :) Otherwise, go to step 4.
      4. Hit Escape to close the editing window.
      5. Using the arrow keys, move focus to another node (e.g. on the root node), then back to the node created at step 1.
      6. Go to step 2.

      In my case, 3 or 4 sequences of steps from 2 to 5 are usually enough to observe the bug.
      If the cursor freezes at step 3, one can close the editor window by clicking on Cancel, then go to step 5 for another session (the problem will soon occur again).


    • Guy Simard

      Guy Simard - 2009-06-30

      When I edit information in the bottom area, the pointer (ou cursor) jumps randomly to the very beginning of the text. This is a lost of time.

      Lorsque j'inscrit un commentaire au sujet d'un noeud ou une activité. le curseur saute, aléatoirement dans le temps, directement au tout début du texte. Ceci est très dérangeant car il faut constamment s'assurer que ce que l'on inscrit s'insère à la bonne place. C'est aussi une grande perte de temps.

    • BonRouge

      BonRouge - 2009-08-02

      I'm having this problem all the time and it's really annoying. I like Free Mind and I have lots of Free Mind files, so I don't want to stop using it, but very quickly, I lose my keyboard and I have to restart Free Mind. I haven't noticed any kind of pattern to this - it seems quite random.

      I'm using (or trying to use) Free Mind 0.8.1 on Kubuntu Hardy Heron with Java 1.6.0_14-b08.


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