PDF-export: Truncation of nodes

  • Markus_L

    Markus_L - 2007-12-17

    Hi Forum,
    Is there someone else with the problem, that after exporting to PDF (ling) nodes get truncated?
    See bugtracker issue: 1765982 with attached test-Mindmap: Please try on your machine.
    Any idea?


    • Gustavo ET

      Gustavo ET - 2008-01-12

      found this problem, seems to be something related to a "clipping" feature.
      this was my (rather long) workaround to get your mind map to PDF:
      * export to SVG
      * open with InkScape
      * select all (ctrl-a)
      * ungroup several times (3-4) as there are nested groups while all is selected
      * go to Object->Clip->Release
      * there will appear several black boxes which previously were transparent, i think they were used as a mask or something. These boxes causes the truncation.
      * delete all black boxes by hand (it seems that every edge, node generates a box)
      * use InskSkape to export to PDF
      I know this is rather long, and involves a third party program, but I was desperate to get my map to PDF.


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