Loss of hyperlinks

  • christopher hancock

    I had about about 50 active hyperlinks on my map which I have been gradually building up for some months. I do this because I have a bad memory for file locations and names.

    But yesterday when I opened the programme the hyperlinks suddenly ceased to funtion.

    The links to the correct locations are still shown but they are not active.

    I am having to go to ctrl+shift+K following long pathways to reconnect the links which is very tedious and time consuming.

    Before I do all of them again, is this just an unfortunate error that that is unlikely to reoccur or is there a limit to the number of hyperlinks that you can have in a map?

    • Scott Sayles

      Scott Sayles - 2008-12-05

      I'm having the exact same problem.  This makes FreeMind very hard for me to use anymore. 

  • mkaspar

    mkaspar - 2010-07-25

    Hi Christopher,

    many thanks - here i have the same error!

    , i run 0.9 rc7 on windows machine, if i add a hyperlink to a node and click this afterwards, then file does not opens. all that happens is a popping up a box with the corresponding message. The file could not be opened. BTW: i saved the map - this is recommended while adding a hyperlink…

    Any idea what happens here. look forward to hear from you

  • Christian Foltin


    it suddenly stopped? What actions did you do in between? Can you repair one link and save the map with another filename and compare them on file level (use total commander or beyond compare or whatever). What is the difference?

    HTH, Chris

  • mkaspar

    mkaspar - 2010-07-25

    Hi Chis good morning!

    many thanks for the quick reply.  Note: i am the guy that jumped on the bandwaggon. The threadstarter probably have some special issues with the hyperlink  - but on a first view - i think i have the same troubles.

    Above all: Christian, it is great to hear from you. Well - it is curious. At my office i have an older version running   0.8xy
    There i have no problems with the hypelinks.

    But here - at home - with the version 0.9 RC7 i have no luck with the hyperlinks. I do some further investigations and let you know all my findings. I come back later the day

    Best regards !!!

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-07-25

    Hello jobstarters,

    some questions that could help with diagnosis of the issue that you have reported, one that you have with FreeMind 0.9.0 RC7 on a Windows machine (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7?):

    1. Does the hyperlink "http://www.google.com/" get opened, as it should?

    2. Is there at least one hyperlink that does get opened?

    3. Are the hyperlinks you are having trouble with ones to local files ("file://….") or to web addresses ("http://…")?

    4. Do the hyperlinks contain spaces or other special characters?

    Best regards,

  • mkaspar

    mkaspar - 2010-07-25

    Hello dear dan

    have found some interesting things.  First of all: i have troubels witht the links that go to
    image files on the machine.

    - link to files -/(and such as image files).

    i can open create a link to a mm-file (that is a Mind-Map-File) that works very fine.

    I tried to save the files not as jpeg - i tried to save the files as gif and as png

    But with no luck!

    But as i need to insert some images into my presentation that i hold on wednesday i try to do a trick

    i insert images into a map and save them as mm.-File. Whilst doing that i am sure that i can create
    hyperlinks  to those kind of files.  

    If opened i have a image - inside of a mindmap.  That looks a bit funny - but it works.

    do you have and glue why i get troubles with opening the image-files!?

    Look forward to hear  from you…

    BTW - you can get into contact via martin.kaspar@campus-24.com

    many many thanks for the help in advance


  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-07-26

    Hello Martin AKA jobstarters,

    if you answer the four numbered questions that I have asked, I can have a further look at what your specific problem with image files is. I am above all trying to understand whether FreeMind generally fails to open hyperlinks, or whether there is a problem with some narrow class of hyperlinks. So, can you answer the four numbered questions that I have asked?



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