CharlesCollis - 2007-11-05

I recently installed the great Freemind browser viewer (via the 'Freemind extension' for Mediawiki). With the Flash version, this works great in Firefox, however with Internet Explorer 7 (and flash 9) if I click on a node that has a hyperlink, it opens the page in another window with no problem, but when I go back to the original window showing the map (perhaps to select another option), the map becomes stuck to the mouse cursor, and it won't let go.

Freemind is brilliant tool not only for showing complex ideas, but also as a navigation tool within a wiki, but unfortunately this 'sticky mouse' problem (when using Internet Explorer) makes it unusable for this.

Also I can't use the Java option for the Freemind browser viewer instead as:

1) It can't scale a large mindmap to fit 2) It doesn't show blobs on the end of collapsed nodes (so don't know which nodes to click on to get further options without clicking every single visible node) 3) If I ask it to appear with nodes collapsed, it shows all nodes 4) The map appears within a frame that I do not want to show.

Any help appreciated! Thanks.