ah! equivalent of hard and symbolic links!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Information can be arranged differently based on different perspectives. Same points different structure. Although I would like to see many other implementations of various epistemologies, the easiest way to allow perspectivism is to allow nodes to be linked and referenced like in unix files systems. i.e. symbolical linked nodes that's content is determined by another node, and hard linked nodes which have content that exists in multiple places, editable from any place. I ain't talking about copying here!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      one should be totaly be able to nest mind maps! For example: how cool could it be to set up a mind map to automatically list the contents of a folder, and the contents be other mind maps that could be clicked on to open. Simply a special node that opens another saved mind map could allow to organize all the mind maps their making :) Of couse in that case it would be helpful if the newly opened mind map contained a reference to it opener over the center node. BTW: Great job on this, I love using it for all my schoolwork, and I just learned about it 2 weeks ago. I was able to send my prof. my notes for a paper that is overdue with the 'HTML Export'...actually time to get back to that paper.

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-22

    symbolic link very good idea! I need this! +1


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