GaryPrzy - 2007-09-04

Running OSX 10.4.10, FM 0.9.0 release 13-

1. While editing a node, if line gets too long when the line wrap occurs, you can't edit it. A popup box says, "Do you want to use formattings like bold or italics?" Then the last character, in this case, ')' shows up in the box with the cursor flashing along with horiz and vert scrollbars and filename. The computer then goes into a power hungry mode as is indicated by the fan running. If you close box or leave FreeMind, the fan speed returns to normal.

2. Saving in PDF is a problem. I got an error message- "null incompatible with Text-specific anti-aliasing enable key"

3. Finally, this is an impressive piece of software. Very addictive. I started using it last night staying upto 2AM putting together a procedure. I like it but I'd like someway of highlighting several processes and changing the color. This maybe already be possible but I need to get more practice.