hat-schi - 2009-02-15

I'm new here and used to MindJet's Mindmanager V6.
I had no problems to install FreeMind 0.8.1 version and could even import an Mindmanager v6 mindmap. Only the callouts were not coming accross. (Up to now I couldn't find something similar in FreeMind.)

Well, here is my "complaint":
I'm used to heavily work with copying/pasting (ctrl c/v) existing stuff. Luckily I found the "Select visible branch" option to select and copy a whole branch. However, pasting the result gives me more than I wanted. e.g I see besides the original tree also duplicates of its sub-branches as well. Ok, this would allow to flatten a tree but that's uncomfortable for me to delete them (It's a bushy tree in my case).
I'd prefer a paste option to paste the branch hierarchical like the original or paste it flattened,
or just paste x-levels down,
or paste that branch without its leaves - as I just want the structure of that branch copied and want to add just new leaves to the copied tree.
That latter option would be really great.