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Ian Higgs
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  • zapkapow

    zapkapow - 2011-11-28

    Hi Lee,

    Sorry about the delay. Just back from Turkey Day travels, and now in front of the computer posing these Java problems. Tried your Freeplane build. Hyperlinks with spaces now work fine, but those with the '#' sign no longer work. That's an improvement over crashing the program, but still breaks the links with the '#' character in the pdf string. I've tried deleting and recreating these problem links in your version. No dice.


  • studeylee

    studeylee - 2011-11-30

    Hi Nate,
    quote: "…Only alphanumerics , the special characters "$-_.+!*'()," [not including the quotes -
    ed], and reserved characters used for their reserved purposes may be used unencoded within a URL."

    I can't find a quick clean solution that doesn't break all the URL processing code and rules regarding the # character. It has special meaning as a url fragment indicator and gets truncated out by most java url routines.
    I know you have a database of these filenames, but I would highly recommend using this (link below)dual linux/windows opensource program to batch rename to keep the existing filenames, but replace the # char with something else like Num_ or even a '$' or some other relatively safe URL character.
    http://file-folder-ren.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=Download   -Lee Studley

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2011-12-02

    there is one more solution, it's not beautiful, but it will work without renaming existing files, which is especially important if you've got links for them from somewhere else or they're on read-only location. Create bunch of windows shortcuts in a special folder which will point to these files, and link to them from FreeMind map.

    This way, your base will be intact, and links from freemind will work.

    Of course, it's better to automate the process, and not to create shortcuts and fm links one by one manually.

  • studeylee

    studeylee - 2011-12-02

    That's a way for sure! I was thinking similar by passing args to AutohotKey:MyThing.ahk as my executor.
    I haven't posted much yet. Just trying to find the cleanest way to add a raw URL feature with only modifying one section of code. I don't think this should be in the general release because of security problems.

    It seems some of the recent Windows updates( shell execs's etc) and mozilla recently have fixed some of the URL processing of encoded characters. Some of the things that didn't work, started working by themselves in the past weeks.
    In  Freemind and Freeplane , by the time the uri/url gets to ~LoadUrl( uri ) functions( they do it slightly different ways) its mangled already if the evil chars( namely '#' ) were in the url to start with. So I was trying to access the original node's link string from that context/scope so I could parse it for some usertag then a decision is made to just throw the raw string or string that at the exec function. This way I wouldn't have to modify many files, just one location. This also plays havoc with security of evil urls being executed, but in my application I'm in a secure environment. Still learning and hacking. -Lee Studley
    p.s. Thanks for these great open programs!!! I use them daily to organize my life!!! If I couldn't play and modify the open code, I would be stuck! Viva la OpenSource!!!

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