Hi there, I've been trying to setup Freemind using java web start to distribute the tool, but I had to fix a small problem with the use of ClassLoader to load resources.

it happends that  the class  freemind.main.FreeMind, is using a static method  ClassLoader.getSystemResource( String ), but it happends that the resources are not found.

To fix this,  I added a new member reference variable to freemind.main.FreeMind named  "cl" that is initialized like this:

    private ClassLoader  cl = FreeMind.class.getClassLoader();

using  "cl.getResource(String)"  instead of  "ClassLoader.getSystemReosurce( String )"  avoids the problem and you can use Java Web Start to distribute this tool.

Of course, Java Web Start has other requirments, like sign the freemind.jar  file.

Best Regards!