Shortcut key suggestions

  • Jon Schneider

    Jon Schneider - 2009-04-01

    First of all, I'm a new user, but I'm already liking FreeMind quite a bit.  Thanks for making it available!

    I have a few shortcut key suggestions.  Note: I'm primarily a Windows user, so these suggestions may or may not make sense on other platforms.

    File Menu: Alt+f brings up the File menu, which is great!  However, it would be nice if items on the File menu had letter hotkeys like most other Windows applications.  For example, in most applications, I use Alt+f, s for Save; Alt+f, O for Open; Alt+f, A for Save As; Alt+f, C for Close.

    Node Notes: Currently the Insert | Note menu option doesn't appear to have an assigned shortcut key (and there also doesn't appear to be an option to assign a shortcut key for that function in the Tools | Preferences menu).  It would be nice if the command for Insert | Note were assigned to Shift+F2 (following the convention set by Microsoft Excel).   Also, a second press of Shift+F2 shouldn't delete the note, but should just reopen the existing note for editing (again following the Excel convention).

    Thanks for listening!

    -Jon S.

    • Jon Schneider

      Jon Schneider - 2009-04-01

      One further request: It would be great if, while editing the text of a node, a key press of Shift+Backspace had the same function as a press of Backspace.  (Currently, a press of Shift+Backspace does nothing.)

      The scenario here is I'm typing a series of capital letters (with the Shift key held down) and I make a typo; I'd like to be able to be able to backspace the typo without having to release the Shift key (and then re-press it when I continue typing).

      Use of Shift+Backspace in this manner works in most applications (or at least in most Windows applications -- I'm not sure about other environments), but it doesn't currently work in FreeMind.



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