• Is it not possible to export in a oder programm (JPG)?

    • I agree, that would be really useful...

    • Hi,

      the new version of Freemind (0.8.0_beta3) offers an export to png, jpeg, svg....
      You only have to wait a little.

    • Also interesting would be an export to Word including a table of contents generated automatically?!?

    • Viliam Bur
      Viliam Bur

      How about a general export:

      * there are a few XSLT transformations;
      * the "Export" menu shows the submenu with them;
      * the XML file is exported using the selected XSLT?

      OK, it would not be a solution for JPEG format; but maybe for SVG. And HTML+JavaScript where user could open/close nodes by clicking mouse, would be nice too.

    • I guess exporting to word would be difficult, M$ is pretty closed in it's formats...

    • jdem

      Exporting in OpenOffice (write or calc) is a breeze (just copy and past) !