Iso-T - 2010-03-26

I have been checking out new versions of the software every now and then since it is a very useful project and seems to be developing all the time. When there is more time, I would like to contribute to the project as a tester and maybe as a translator as well but this is not possible at the moment.
But to the issue:
The reason I don't use it myself is that it lacks the possibility to add images from the clipboard to the notes (at least I haven't been able to do it). I would not even need alignment options - only the 'add from clipboard' would do; a possibility to scale&resize would be a great plus.
That is it basically - if I have been too lazy to check out the help document properly and indeed this feature is already there, please let me know.
keep up with the great work - this kind of free software is really important for many people!