scalabe icons

  • pmoks

    pmoks - 2008-04-08

    Hi, I love this prog - it's the best.
    Just one thing about the icons - do you think it might be possible to make them scalable (e.g. *svg) so it would be possible to get prober results if you stretch your mm's when printing them?

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2008-04-10


      You can add custom icons to FreeMind in the 0.9 Beta series but I don't think SVGs are supported. It's possible but not implemented, and FM is in a feature freeze at the moment. Although, you can export to SVG. Have you tried that?


    • pmoks

      pmoks - 2008-04-13

      Thanks for your reply Ryan and the tip. I hadn’t thought of that. I can convert my mindmap into svg without any icons. Than I open my mindmap with inkscape and ad my scalable icons. So it’s a little bit of work, but that’s Ok and maybe you can ad this feature in one of the next versions
      Again thanks for your help and this great and very useful tool!


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