Pavel S. - 2013-09-11

Hello all,

In FreeMind 0.7, when the user "Split"ted a long node, the second one of the newly created nodes was selected. I'm not sure which version introduced the change, but in FM 1.0 RC4/RC5, the first one is selected in the same situation. It would be nice if also the old behaviour would be possible: very frequently I want to reduce the height of some TODO lists etc. by splitting long nodes and making their second part a child of their first part (and possibly fold them). If the second part would be selected, only Alt+S and Ctrl+Right would be enough, now I have to move the selection between these two keystrokes, which is rather annoying.

I hope, that this is the right forum for feature requests, even if the problem is not critical and I am not angry at all. If it is, may be it should be stated in its description: two other forums explicitly states "no feature reqsts", but no forum is described as suitable for feature requests.

"Thank you for the music", anyway! :-)