Feature Request: custom renderered nodes

  • Lukas Degener

    Lukas Degener - 2005-03-15

    I am not sure wether this is the right forum to post this, please tell me, if it is not.

    It would be super cool if freemind would support some way of specifying custom text rendering for a node.

    WARNING: braindump ahead ;-)

    Example scenario:
    I am currently "mindmapping" the contents of a book that i have to understand and memorize for an upcoming exam. There is a lot of formal definitions in it, math stuff, all that. Right now i use HTML to write down the formulars, which is sort of cumbersome. It would be realy nice, if the text could be written using LaTex notation instead. There are existing tools like gladTex, which render the tex code into an image. Freemind would have to write the code into a temp file, pipe it through an external programm for rendering and display the generated image.

    freemind could alow a arbitrary number of "custom renderer configurations" which could be supplied/edited by the user.

    The tex code would be enclosed in a special tag which tells freemind which configuration to use to render the node.

    Typicaly configurable options in particular include "executable path/command line" of some external programm that does the rendering. There might be more options like prefix/suffix to be added to the tag content, etc.

    If generic enough, i imagine this to be a powerfull extension for freemind.

    Anyway, just thoughts.

    Thanks for your great work!


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