i guess i'm an idiot, but...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    how do you add a new concept (bubble)????

    everything i click seems to just change the center concept.

    • Eric L.

      Eric L. - 2004-10-15

      Try the <Insert> and/or <Return> key?..
      (possibly twice for <Return>).


      • Christopher Theunissen

        Maybe the error message that is displayed when you press <Return> on the root node should say how to add a child node rather than just saying it is not possible.
          e.g. New node as sibling is not possible for the root.  Use <Ins> to add a child node.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Got it -- thanks!  I think that this little tidbit is not in the documentation -- at least not where I could find it easily.  I was looking for a "new...concept" menu item or something.  Thanks again.


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