veeery very slow response (program unusable)

  • Damago

    Damago - 2006-11-22


    1) whenever I press any button (like: INS or Enter to create node, or DEL to delete it) or whenever I perform any other action I have to wait several seconds (like 5-8 seconds) before I see the reaction from a programm.

    2) it seams that CPU is never USED more than 5% all the time. It seams that CPU is idle while I am waiting for programm response.

    3) I suspect that the action itself is performed but for whatever reason the application does not refresh the window.
    - When I Alt-Tab to the application it takes up to 10 seconds till window contents immediately appear. beforethat - empty gray window. However sometimes - immediate result.
    - the same with application start. I see a blank screen or partly painted window for a few seconds before all the menus and mindmap appear. It can take like 10 seconds to finish loading and showing mindmap
    - when I press DEL twice, after a few seconds 2 nodes disapear at once.
    The above symptoms seam to show that the problem is with window redraw lag.

    5) the same effect on JAVA and JAVA I have uninstalled the 1.5 version of Java and installed 1.4 - the effect remains

    6) the same effect on two different computers with Windows XP (latest patches installed), one laptop and one desktop
    laptop with latest CoreDuo 2 CPU, desktop with strong P-IV CPU, both machines with 1GB memory each. So the computer is not the problem. Most autostart items removed, no antivirus/no other 'helper' applications. I am very strict on that.

    7) changing 'Look and feel' to "Metal" or to Windows or Default - doesn't change a thing.
    adding the

    8) This applies to latest FreeMind 0.8.0

    9) When I run the FreeMind.bat instead of FreeMind.exe - the same.

    However: adding the '-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true' immediately after 'java' command - HELPS!!! The application reacts very fast. However running it via batch is not very usefull for me as it leaves CMD window open all the time and does not work with issuing freemind via clicking on 'mm' file.

    How to add the aprriopriate setting permanently to the FreeMind.exe ?????
    Maybe there is some other action possible to speed it up???

    • Brendan Robert

      Brendan Robert - 2007-01-05

      Try turning off the anti-alaising mode altogether.  It worked for me.

  • friedman

    friedman - 2011-07-07

    even with antialiasing off, as soon as your mindmap becomes big (multiple screens), it becomes unusable. Scrolling up/down/left/right is so slow, it drives me crazy. I  invested hours in some mindmaps, and I can't use them because it's so slow at redrawing… I click a command and I have to wait seconds before it does something (Windows 7, i7 920, radeon HD4350). Too bad… it would be such a nice app if it were usable. I would love it.

  • LogicDaemon

    LogicDaemon - 2011-07-09

    Maybe this is related to used Java VM?
    Did you try newest Sun/Oracle JRE? For now it is Version 6 Update 26.

    I'm using big (5-8 screens) mind maps, and they work reasonably fast. Notebook with Windows XP, C2Duo T7500 @ 2.2 GHz & 2G RAM.

  • phat dan

    phat dan - 2011-10-12

    Check to see if the file size of the autosaves in you  ".freemind" folder incremented quickly.  I've found that junk html code appears in the notes of  nodes making the file size much larger and unusable in minutes. Can be fixed if you work out which node you edited immediately prior and delete the notes from that node.


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