Stefan Keel - 2009-11-21

This is an issue that I brought up before, in a previous release candidate, and which has undergone a number of improvements.  I'm still able to reproduce the problem though, under certain circumstances.

When editing a rich text node via the editor (alt+enter to edit the node), hitting escape twice (once to close the editor, and the second time to close the confirmation) the map loses keyboard focus.  Alt+o to close the editor, however, will give keyboard focus back to the map.  When using the escape key to close the editor, the only way to get keyboard focus back to the map is to click on the node to open the editor and select "ok" or use alt+o to close the editor again, which will return keyboard focus to the map. 

Using the plain text editor, and hitting the escape key to close it, will give keyboard focus back to the map, so the problem only exists with the rich text editor.


Create a rich text node, and add content to it.
Close the node (alt+o)
Hit alt+enter to edit the node again, but instead of making any changes immediately hit the escape key (first time to request closing the editor) and then again to close the confirmation dialogue.

At this point you should no longer be able to navigate the map via the keyboard.