Export to html - make links work first time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Used the tool for a couple of weeks and like it.
    Loved the idea of exporting to various formats, but was very dissapointed when I tried all the various options for exporting to html.
    What I would like:
    to export my map graphically and make the links work when I click on the nodes - just like in freemind!
    What I get:
    I get a clickable map, that transfers me to a treestructure where I can click on the nodes and make the link work.

    I understand that with complex maps, this might be necessary, but why not give the user the choice - simple maps makes excellent privat homepages for organising all your links, if....

  • RichInTheUSA

    RichInTheUSA - 2013-04-11

    I'm with you.   I have the same problem.    Are you on a mac?   I have not yet tried this on windows, but was bummed to find out this functionality doesn't work.

  • kaernbach

    kaernbach - 2016-08-27

    The original thread is more than ten years old, and the only comment is more than 3 years ago and states that there still is this problem. This new comment restates this: Yes, it would be much better if the link in the clickable map would directly transfer to the external URL, instead of transfering to the tree structure. So more than ten years and no answer by anybody who would be able to enlighten us why this is so or whether there is any hope that within the next ten years this feature might change...


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