0.8.0 version - [translate me] and Preferenc

  • andbul

    andbul - 2007-08-20

    I have installed 0.8.0 version. The program start with italian menù (I am an italian user), but there are a lot of sentences with the note [Translate me]. I have also tried to set "language= EN" in the user.properties, but the result was that the menù appeared in english with all the sentences with the comment [translate me]. What I have to do to remove [Translate me] from the menù?
    Moreover the menù Tools-Preferences does not work (no effect when I select the it)

    • roc

      roc - 2007-08-20

      Use jre 5.

      • remoo

        remoo - 2008-02-22

        I have Java installed but there is a bug in Freemind associated with the italian regional settings.

        • Eric L.

          Eric L. - 2008-02-25


          it looks like the Italian translation is not up-to-date, nothing I/we can do, we need someone speaking Italian better than me (not difficult!) and willing to help. If it's you, check the Translation page http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Translation, contact the "official" translator, check the tracker http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=961129&group_id=7118, and then start the work :-)

          But, looking through it, an updated Italian translation already seems to be in the tracker, so you possibly only need to do as described under http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Translation#Using_new_translation_in_FreeMind

          Cheers, Eric

          • remoo

            remoo - 2008-02-26

            Thanks Eric but I suppose it is not a problem of italian language.

            I have an english OS (but italian regional settings (time and date)) and don't want the italian language of freemind.
            I'm using the english language of freemind.
            But even with the english language all menus have the [translate me] notice everywhere.

            If I change italian regional settings to another setting (freemind still in english language) the problem is resolved.

          • remoo

            remoo - 2008-02-26


            I saw today the beta version of freemind. FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 15
            Installed it.
            No problems anymore.
            All is ok, in italian en english language of freemind. :-)

    • remoo

      remoo - 2008-02-22

      Same here.
      I have italian regional settings.

      Why install only for the italian version JDK?

    • remoo

      remoo - 2008-02-22

      more people on the web has this problem:

      I too have after every menu option item [translate me] written.

      The problems are associated with the regional settings.
      I reinstalled freemind with the regional settings: US and tried NL as well.
      Everything was fine (no [translate me])

      then I changed the regional settings again to "italian" and same problems again as before.


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