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bug report "search is disfunctional"

  • Johannes Busse

    Johannes Busse - 2008-10-13

    bug report "search is disfunctional"
        Bug report: the search function is broken in freemind version 0.9.0 beta 16
           (I cannot try it with beta 19 or 20, sorry)
        reproduce bug:
            take this map, e.g. copy and paste the text of this bug report into an empty mm
            hit "esc", i.e. go to root node
            hit CTRL-f, search for "one one"
            CTRL-g will go to all nodes which contain the 3 chars "one", as opposed to only the single node "one one"
            one one
            one two
            two one
            two two


    • Johannes Busse

      Johannes Busse - 2008-10-13

      s***, the indentation was lost (but is not needed actually). And copy and paste from firefox allocates one multiline node, as opposed to one node for each line. (Does work nice with xemacs). ... But the issue should be clear. Johannes

      • Christian Foltin

        Hi Johannes,

        sorry, to say that. but RTFM. It is intended and there it is described.

        HTH, Chris


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