Any real interest in a freemind browser?

  • Garito

    Garito - 2007-09-18

    Hi all!

    Some days ago I ask here for the applet developers but no reply to my need (even to say they aren't interested in the project)

    I'm developing Yanged a CMS like way to program (you could see more at:\)

    I like to use a freemind interface to develop with Yanged but I would like to have TTW interface in the process

    In early days I choose freemind instead of other mind maps because its XML file, I love simplicity

    Now my project begins to do what is suposed and I begin to program real webs with it but the most important problem I have is the imposibility to work fluidly with freemind

    First I begin with freemind. When I think I have a part of the web ok I upload the xml file to the server who build the web and I could test the result

    If all is ok (0% of the time) ok but if is any error (100% of the time) I need to work at Zope (the server is build over Zope) in the Zope way (poor interface in my opinion, but enough to work a la Zope)

    When I finish the test and this branch work I need to export the freemind file, open it with freemind and begin again

    This is not as user-friendly as Yanged needs. For that I need a freemind browser

    If I seek I have two alternatives: java applet or flash browser

    But java is from 2004 and flash browser don't work (at least I can't configure it to work)

    I don't know what to do with this

    Freemind, for my needs, has all the features I need (except 2 or 3 not so much important) but I need a browser freemind or similar

    I have 3 options:
    1.- pick up the applet and develop it to my needs but I don't like java or other add-ons to the browser. I prefer standard technologies
    2.- the same for the flash browser
    3.- develop my own way but I don't want to put my time in something I could have with the other projects if someone work on them

    I have one thing clear: if I take my own way it will not be compatible with freemind because I don't need it will and my time is so short for this questions

    What to do?

    There are any kind of real interest to develop a freemind browser?

    Thanks and sorry if I'm a little rude (my english is shorter that I would like)

    • Dimitry Polivaev


      the java applet browser is being developed with the freemind. It is included in the current beta distribution 0.9.0 beta 13 too. You can checkout the source code from CVS using tag fm_060405_integration or download it from the SourceForge.


      • Garito

        Garito - 2007-09-19

        Hi again, Dimitry!
        Sorry for asking again but I would like to know if you have some roadmap or similar to know where are you working

        I plan to develop some parts of the browser and if you are working on a part that interest to me I can start by other parts

        Is there a browser developer list or you are alone programing?

        Thanks a lot

        PD: I love the way of mind managers show the information. For Yanged is a good way to work

        • Dimitry Polivaev


          currently the project has two active developers (me and Chris), and we have agreed not to introduce any new features until the final release of 0.9.0 . Feel free to develop everything you need. If you have questions or would like to discuss your ideas, just use the forum or our wiki.


          • Garito

            Garito - 2007-09-19

            I weigh up my options and take a decision

            Thank you so much!


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