Upgraded to 1.0.1, long nodes randomly lose all visual formatting and just shows te code

  • justfive

    justfive - 2014-05-10

    I recently upgraded to 1.0.1.

    Evern day that I hope my mindmap, some nodes which have attributes (colors, bolding etc), end up just being a huge jumbled block of text with the code showing instead of the actual visuals.

    For example, instead of the title of my node, which was bold and blue, it showed:

    <b><font color="#0033cc">Margret Archer</font></b>
    <b>1995: Realist Social Theory: The Morphogenetic Approach</b>

    Additionally, when I open the node as a long node, there is no more option to add attributes etc. Its just a normal mode where I can only press OK, cancel or split.

    Is there a way of fixing this? I had a huge node (~2000 words), and its practically unreadable. It happened to a smaller node yesterday, which I just re-typed. Now it happened to a huge one, and its simply impossible to fix. It happened to just 1 node at a time. The others are formatted properly.

    PS: I started the mindmap in the older version (i think 0.9.0 although not sure... definitely not 0.8.x) and converted it to continue my work

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  • Christian Foltin


    the nodes you mentioned contained "illegal" xhtml code. They were tried to save as proper XHTML but without success. To save the contents of the nodes anyway, they are saved literally, as you noticed. Perhaps, you can send parts of it to me directly, and I'll see what to do.

    Another possibility is to replace &amp; &gt; and &lt; &quot; but the corresponding XML letters "&", "<", ">", "\"" and to view the things in a browser.

    HTH, Chris

  • justfive

    justfive - 2014-05-10

    In that case, can I send you the full mindmap file? I never use actual code as I am not familiar with any of it. I just use the buttons in the Long Node.

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  • justfive

    justfive - 2014-05-14

    as an update: it seems to only happen after I close freemind and open it again, and it only happens to this one bubble now.


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